What is TERAPOS?

TERAPOS, is a point-of-sale information system (POS system) that aggregates information related to sales and accounting in the workplace.

It is mainly used in shops or businesses that sell goods or services to people. It is widely used in various fields due to its advantages such as accurate payment and sales details, strong office processing, and management analysis. It is even used in a small coffee stall down the street.

There are many different POS systems being used widely in different sized shops. However, most POS systems are developed as just ‘programs’, which limits the types devices being used and the sales can only be checked on that particular device. This increases the risk of failure as settling sales would be difficult for when the device goes down. This can take more than a day to resolve.
TERAPOS was developed on the basis of ‘web’, not the form of ‘program’ which is used to consider and tackle such problems.

Since it was developed based on ‘web’, you can access the system from any device that can run a web browser, and you can check the sales in real time from anywhere at any time with internet connection. It also allows almost instant technical support remotely.

Experience the practical function of TERAPOS.

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